Pneumatic Air Grippers

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Pneumatic grippers are ideal for use in general pick-and-place applications. Universal Power Conversion has a variety of Air Grippers from industry leading manufacturers AirTAC and R&I MFG. We can offer pneumatic two, three and four finger parallel styles that are designed for gripping and centering. We supply a wide opening parallel pneumatic gripper designed to accommodate many different part sizes and a heavy duty style suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, we offer an angular gripper model.
Universal Power Conversion is an authorized distributor offering an extensive collection of pneumatic air grippers for automated applications. Find your ideal solution online, request a quote or contact us with your application questions.


Angular Grippers

We carry single acting and double acting finger style angular grippers with bores sizes ranging from 6mm to 32mm. These grippers feature a cushion style bumper and have a maximum frequency of 180 cycles per minute and do not require lubrication.

Parallel Grippers

These grippers feature two opposing jaws to hold the workpiece and are operated by a pneumatic cylinder, making them ideal for material assembly and precision handling. Parallel grippers provide repeatability up to ±0.02mm and a maximum frequency of 60 or 180 cycles per minute, depending on the model selected.

Compact Grippers

These compact grippers feature a double-track design for increased load span and bending movement with a double piston drive for doubled output and greater clamping force.

180 Degree Open/Closed

The AirTAC HFR Series has a gripping range of 180 degrees. This simplifies the gripping action. The HFR series can be mounted from 3 directions.

Parallel Open/Close Gripper

This gripper’s cuniform block is adopted in the interior of the parallel gripper to afford a larger gripper force. We also supply the HFCQ series, which is a parallel open/close hollow style.

Wide Air Gripper

The AirTAC HFT Series has a gripping range of 180 degrees. This simplifies the gripping action. The double piston design increases clamping force.

Pneumatic Air Gripper Applications

Pneumatic air grippers can be used to transfer delicate parts and heavy-duty equipment in almost any industry. Frequent applications for Pneumatic air grippers include:
  • Large & Small Material Assembly
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Appliance
  • Electronic
  • Medical
  • Packaging

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Whatever the application, we have the pneumatic air gripper for your application. Request a quote for air grippers that meet your requirements or contact us to discuss your application.