With two types of design for use in the field of rodless cylinders, from AirTAC and  AIRTEC, UPC can offer you the best-fit solutions to your technical challenges. AIRTEC’s ZX Series slotted cylinders are known for their outstanding operation and sealing properties, as well as guaranteed fast delivery. Don't worry about size - we have a wide range to choose from – the AIRTEC ZX comes in five different diameters, each available in four classes.

Their high-quality aluminum profile makes AIRTEC’s toothed-belt cylinders exceptionally stress-resistant. Our innovative design allows for a range of possible uses, including synchronized movements or position-detection using a direct encoder connection.

The AirTAC RMS series, is a magnetic cylinder that basically works like pneumatic rodless cylinder.  But featuring a mobile piston fitted with annular magnets.  The Mobil carriage is also equipped with magnets to provide magnetic coupling (Carriage/Piston). 

             Airtec Data Sheet