High-Performance Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders, also known as air cylinders, are mechanical devices that use compressed air to produce force in a linear motion. Universal Power Conversion, Inc. is a trusted distributor of industry-leading pneumatic cylinder brands. Our innovative line of pneumatic cylinders are quieter and cleaner than other methods, such as hydraulics or electric motors. Whatever your pneumatic cylinder needs, Universal Power Conversion (UPC) can help you find the ideal solution. Choose one of the following options below to see a complete listing of our in-stock products or contact a UPC expert and let us help find the right pneumatic cylinder for your application.

Industrial Pneumatic Cylinders for Compressed Air Systems

Imperial Round Body

Imperial Round Body cylinders use a piston located inside the cylinder to move a load on one end in a specific direction. UPC is fully stocked on double acting, single acting, and double rod round body cylinders.

NFPA Tie-Rod Cylinders

NFPA Tie-Rod cylinders feature a besting design with a wear ring to protect the cylinder tube against small side load and provide extra impact noise reduction. NFPA tie-rod cylinders are available in multiple bore sizes and can be easily customized. Popular modifications include large rod diameters and adjustable stroke configurations.

Compact Cylinders

Compact cylinders produce force in a linear motion while saving on operating space. Our extra light NACQ and NACF series compact systems are available with or without a magnet and are ideal for small movements.


Miniature air cylinders offer an efficient, low-profile design in compressed air systems in which space is limited. These low-profile linear actuators are in-stock as double-acting, spring-extended or spring return cylinders and can be nickel plated.


AIRTEC ZX Series slotted rodless cylinders offer outstanding operation and sealing properties. We are stocked on stress-resistant toothed-belt cylinders and AirTAC RMS Series magnetic cylinders, which rely on a mobile piston fitted with annular magnets.

Extruded Thrusters

Universal Power Conversion’s thrusters utilize a guided actuator, magnetic switch slots and steel or bronze bearing guides for preventing rotation. Extruded thrusters are double-acting.


Twin-rod pneumatic cylinders are double acting and feature handy T-slots along their length for easy mounting.


UPC stocks Mead Fluid Dynamics’ single-acting air clamps ideal for use in drill fixtures and bending, swaging and pressing operations. These clamps feature 3-way valves and provide gripping power on the out stroke.

Compact Slide

Our line of AirTAC compact pneumatic slides save space while handling high load capacity. Choose between unique stroke adjustment and double acting features by browsing the HGS, HLH, HLQ, HLQL and HLF series compact slides.

Rotary Actuators

Rotary actuators produce linear motion in a pneumatic system. We are ready to ship high-performance Bolt Adjustment Rotary Actuators and Shock Absorber Rotary Actuators from AirTAC  & MFD pneumatic.

Air Press

Automate crimping, heat sealing, bending, forming, pressing, swaging, riveting, burnishing with Starcyl Air Presses. These air operated presses are easy to serve and function without the use of electrics or mechanics.


UPC is fully stocked on a complete line of angular grippers, parallel grippers, compact grippers, 180 degree open/closed grippers, parallel open/close grippers and parallel open/close hollow grippers from leading manufacturers AirTAC and R&I MFG.

Pneumatic Cylinders from Industry-Leading Manufacturers

 UPC offers a large selection of air cylinders from some of the industry’s best and most trusted manufacturers, including:
  • AirTAC
  • Allen Air
  • CKD
  • Bimba/ Mead Fluid Dynamics
  • Starcyl & others

Why Choose Universal Power Conversion, Inc.

At Universal Power Conversion, we are proud to offer an extensive catalog covering components from over 25 industry leading brands and manufacturers. We offer exceptional customer service and technical assistance to ensure your systems and components are performing optimally. Our comprehensive service offering allows us to provide fast turnaround and shipping on all in-stock items. We offer additional customization and assembly services upon request.
Universal Power Conversion is Minority Woman-Owned Small Business holding SBA 8(a) Business Development Program and NWBOC WOSB certifications for our success and dedication to quality.

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