Pneumatic Component Accessories

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FRL Distribution Blocks, Joiner Brackets & Pressure Switches

Pneumatic component accessories are required to expand or complete your air preparation system. Universal Power Conversion provides quick shipping on our full supply of FRL accessories. As a premier supplier of AirTAC products, we have the 200, 300, 400 and 600 series of accessories ready for purchase. Our select accessories include Distribution Blocks, Joiner Brackets and Pressure Switches.

Select the accessories you need by category below, Request a Quote or Contact a UPC Expert and let us find the parts you need to complete your air preparation system.

FRL Accessories

Distribution Blocks

AirTAC GA series air distribution blocks divide the air flow from the regulator into both the lubricator and directly into other equipment. Distribution blocks are installed between the regulator (or filter-regulator) and lubricator.
  • Port Sizes:  1/8" NPT to 1" NPT
  • Number of auxiliary ports:  2
  • Pressure range:  0-130 PSI
  • Proof pressure:  215 PSI
  • Temperature range:  0°F-160°F

Joiner Brackets

AirTAC GA series FRL joiner brackets are made of cast aluminum and feature an included nitrile seal and design that allows for easy assembly and disassembly. They are available for the 200, 300, 400 and 600 series. These joiner brackets are easy to use and are available from stock. Necessary hardware is included. T, L, or U-styles are available for all FRL component sizes. Mounting tangs are also available.

Pressure Switches

AirTAC DPS Series digital pressure switches display system pressure on an integrated LCD and provide dual programmable digital output signals. They are designed for use with Bimba air preparation equipment. Specifications include:
  • Two individually-programmed sinking (NPN) or sourcing (PNP) digital outputs
  • One 1-5V or 4-20mA analog output optional
  • Optional copy function automatically copies settings to a second DPS
  • User-selectable hysteresis and switching modes
  • IP65 enclosure protection
  • Convenient center back port or panel mounting

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