R & I Manufacturing Co.

 In 1968, R & I Manufacturing Company started out with a single product called the DURA-SLIDE linear positioning device. Since then, their product line has grown, along with the company's reputation for high-quality, low-cost part placement devices. From automatic parts to intricate electronic components, R & I grippers, escapements, slides, and pick-and-place units work hand-in-hand with the leading names in the automatic assembly business.

Pick and Place Components:

  • Rotary Actuators 
  • Parallel Grippers 
  • Angular Grippers 
  • Linear Thrusters 
  • Escapements Devices 
  • Bi-Directional Placement Devices 
  • Linear Slides 
  • Pick and Place Complete Units 
R&I Angular Grippers
R&I Linear Thrusters
R&I Air Slides
R&I Bi-Directional Transfer

R&I Rotary Actuators

R&I Parallel Grippers

R&I Escapement Devices

R&I Pick and Place