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Pneumatic slides, or linear slides, utilize different bearing types to provide force and load carrying capabilities in industrial manufacturing applications. Universal Power Conversion offers a variety of Compact Pneumatic Slides from AirTAC. These slides offer a slim, compact design to save space and can handle high load capacity. Bore sizes from 5mm ~ 25mm and from 5mm to 150mm depending on the bore and series.
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AirTAC Pneumatic Slide Benefits

HGS Series Slides

HGS Series Compact Slides come with or without stroke adjustment and feature an optional sensor switch (DMSH). Bore sizes up to 12mm. The HGS Series has a rail style design that offers precise linear motion in a space-saving design.

HLH Series Slides

HLH Series Compact Slides are double acting and come with magnets. Bore sizes up to 20mm and stokes up to 60mm. HLH Series cylinders have miniature linear roller ball bearing in the cylinder. The straightness and non-rotation precision is suitable for precision assembly.

HLQ, HLQL Series Slides

HLQ and HLQL Series Compact Slides come in single or double low-profile guide rail options with or without a magnet. Bore sizes up to 25mm and stokes up to 150mm. The HLQ/HLQL Series has recirculating linear ball bearings that achieves high precision, high rigidity with antirust and dustproof function.

HLF Series Slides

HLF Series Compact Slides have a low profile and are double acting with magnets. Bore sizes up to 20mm and strokes up to 100mm. These slides feature reduced cylinder thickness, superior straightness and non-rotating accuracy for precision assembly applications.

HLS Series Slides

The HLS Series features Cross Roller Bearings for achieving high precision, high rigidity, high load, excellent linearity, and non-rotate tolerance. This model features a through hole for body mounting.

Additional Pneumatic Linear Slide Features

Our line of AirTAC compact pneumatic slides are designed to perform to the same capabilities as standard slides while saving space. Common features on all available AirTAC pneumatic slide models include:
  • Slides are double acting
  • Multiple Bore Sizes
  • Comes With or Without Magnets (Depending on Model)
  • Operating Pressure: 22-100 PSI
  • Temperature Rating: -20-70 Deg C

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