Compact Slide

Universal Power Conversion offers a variety of Compact Pneumatic Slides from AirTAC. These slides offer a slim compact design to save space and can handle high load capacity. Bore sizes from 5mm ~ 25mm and from 5mm to 150mm depending on the bore and series.
  • HGS Series Compact Slides come with or without stroke adjustment and feature an optional sensor switch (DMSH). Bore sizes up to 12mm.
  • HLH Series Compact Slides are double acting and come with magnets. Bore sizes up to 20mm and stokes up to 60mm.
  • HLQ and HLQL Series Compact Slides come in single or double low-profile guide rail options with or without a magnet. Bore sizes up to 25mm and stokes up to 150mm.
  • HLF Series Compact Slides have a low profile and are double acting with magnets. Bore sizes up to 20mm and strokes up to 100mm.
Whatever the application, we have the right slide for you. Request a quote for the compact pneumatic slides that meet your requirements or contact us to discuss your application.