Pure Series Dryers Wall Mounted

Tsunami Pure Series Dryers Wall Mounted The newest line to Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, Pure Series Regenerative Dryers provide the same high quality air as the Ultra Dryer line at a reduced cost. The Pure 5 and Pure 10 systems utilize a simple control system and Tsunami pre-filtration to assure removal of water, oil, and particulates before entering the dryer. The Pure 5 and Pure 10 both perform to achieve dew points down to -80°F and relative humidity down to .01% RH.

Dryer flow rates based on 100°F at 175 PSI an outlet pressure of 100 PSI* 
*minimum inlet pressure 80 PSI Lower inlet pressure and higher temperatures affect the performance and quality of the downstream air

Pure Series dryers are available with either float or Moisture Minder pneumatic drains.


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