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Interface devices and accessories allow interaction with a computer, phone system or other electronic information system. Interface devices include sensors, indicators, amplifiers and other components. Universal Power Conversion provides interface devices from Air Logic with both fluidic and moving diaphragm control components, each to be used where its own advantages are needed. Our inventory includes a vast offering of input and output devices, and we can fill quick turnaround times on orders of all sizes. As an SBA 8(a) certified pneumatic component supplier, we are dedicated to finding the parts required for your pneumatic circuit.
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Miniature Vacuum Generators

We carry the V-4417 Series Miniature Vacuum Generator, designed to produce a low-flow vacuum. This vacuum generator converts compressed air to a vacuum consuming 4.9 SCFH with a 13 PSI supply. High velocity air flowing through the center port draws a vacuum through the side ports. Features a polysulfone housing.

Pressure and Vacuum Gauges

Air Logic pressure gages are steel case gauges for measurement of 0-100 PSI. They feature a panel mount design and U-Clamp center back connection.
V0300 Series Miniature Gauges are steel case gauges for measurement of vacuum 0 to 30” of mercury.

Electrical Connectors

Universal Power Conversion carries Electrical Connectors for 5100 Series and the 5500 Series Pressure and Vacuum Switches.

Test Point Indicators

Test point indicators are small, simple on-off indicators. These indicators feature a spring loaded plunger, which returns to normal regardless of the mounting position. A pressure as low as 4 inches water gauge will shift the plunger out. Designed for use in fluidic systems.

Diaphragm Amplifiers

These F-4014 Series Diaphragm amplifiers are miniature interface devices that perform the same function as piloted three-way valves but at low output flow rates. Diaphragm Amplifiers are very suitable for providing pneumatic signals to air-piloted valves and for powering small cylinders. They are also used at fluidic signal levels for providing isolation, and in timing circuits.

Diaphragm Comparators

The F-4103-20 & 25 Diaphragm Comparator is a versatile control circuit component for both fluidic and pneumatic signal levels. It performs many functions, including those of an analog pressure comparator, an analog pressure repeater and a digital signal isolator.

Sensor Venturi

Air Logic’s F-4417 Series Sensor Venturi converts flow changes through bleed type fluidic sensors to full-on and ful-off pressure signals. It allows a high velocity of air to pass through the center port, drawing a vacuum through the two side output ports to produce a definite off signal.

Spring Sensors

This F-44419-120 Spring Sensor is a limit sensor designed for quick and reliable operation and easy mounting. It functions like a whicker valve, and is composed of a nylon deflection rod and a tightly wound coil spring.

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We also provide a variety of other pneumatic orifices and interface components in a range of sizes and materials.