Automatic Pneumatic Drain Valves

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Drain valves are essential for removing condensation and excess water vapor that could eventually damage your compressor or pneumatic systems. The Expello Electronic Drain Valve provides increased durability and reliability for constant protection from build-up of harmful contaminants in air tanks on mobile vehicles. Universal Power Conversion is a premier supplier of Pneumatic Expello Drain Valves, Electronic Expello Drain Valves and Expello Shop Drain Valves. Expello drain valves clean automatically and are corrosion-resistant for easy maintenance and extended operation life.
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Featured Drain Valves

Pneumatic Expello Drain Valve

The pneumatic drain valve provides long lasting, durable air system protection. This drain valve expels build-up of harmful contaminants in air tanks on trucks, trailers, buses, RV’s and other equipment with compressed air systems. No system eliminates all the moisture from the wet tank all the time. This drain valve expels contaminants from your air tanks with a powerful blast of air whenever your compressor reaches cut out and at compressor cut in. 

Electronic Expello Drain Valve

Electronic drain valves eliminate moisture in compressed air systems. The valve replaces the manual drain petcock on any air tank within a vehicle’s compressed air system, whether the tank is on a vehicle or trailer. The Expello valve purges water, dirt and oil from the air system in a quick, 1-second burst, every 5 minutes of vehicle on time.

Expello Shop Drain Valve

The Expello Air Products Shop Valve automatically removes moisture from shop air compressors. The valve replaces the manual drain petcock on the compressor’s storage tank. This valve is actuated by running a line from the valve to the compressor’s governor. Each time the compressor reaches cut in and cut out the valve will purge the moisture from the tank.

Benefits of Expello Pneumatic Drain Valves

These drain valves expel contaminants and moisture every five minutes of operation with a powerful one-second blast of air. These valves feature a function that automatically cleans air systems. The electronic controls and 50 watt heater provide year round protection. The corrosion resistant construction ensures maintenance-free operation over the long haul. The compact design allows these drain valves to fit in smaller pneumatic systems. Once installed in place of the manual drain petcock on the tank, the valve’s straight through contaminant flow and self-cleaning design provide air tank draining without daily checks.

Expello Drain Valve Applications

Drain valves can be used within air compressors in any application in which condensation is an issue. Drain valves prevent the build-up of harmful moisture and contaminants in compressors found in:
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Buses
  • RV’s & other vehicles.

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