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Electrical Switch Action For Fast Response

Pressure and vacuum switches interface from pressure signals to electrical control circuits and from vacuum signals to electrical systems. Universal Power Conversion carries an extensive selection of Air Logic miniature precision snap-action switches. The uses of these miniature pressure & vacuum switches vary based on model and size, but these switches are ideal for general sensing and low-level vacuum applications. Universal Power Conversion offers quick turnaround times on small and high-volume orders of pneumatic components. Adjustment range and port connection size should be considered prior to ordering pressure switches and vacuum switches.
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UPC Pressure Switches & Vacuum Switch Product Offering

Universal Power Conversion carries a variety of Air Logic miniature precision snap-acting switches including:

Miniature Pressure & Vacuum Switches

Air Logic F-4100 Series Miniature Pressure & Vacuum Switches interface from pressure or vacuum to electrical control circuits. These switches are ideal for general sensing applications.

Subminiature Pressure & Vacuum Switches

The 5100 Series Subminiature Pressure & Vacuum Switches interface from pressure to electrical control circuits. These switches have an adjustable 0.5 - 100 PSI with a maximum of 100 PSI supply for pressure and offer three electrical terminals: Normally Open, Normally Closed and Common.

Low Differential Pressure & Vacuum Switches

UPC carries the 5300 Series Low Differential Pressure & Vacuum Switches to interface from pressure or vacuum to electric control circuits. This series is designed for a low difference between “ON” and “OFF” pressure and vacuum.

Solid State Pressure & Vacuum Switches

The Solid State Pressure & Vacuum Switch is a direct interface with solid state electrical circuits. The switch is adjustable from 0.5 to 100 PSI with 100 PSI maximum supply. The Solid State Switch combines precision mechanical switch operating convenience with solid state reliability. Four mounting options are available.

Pressure & Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valves

The F-5700, F-5800 Series Pressure & Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valve has an adjustable pressure pilot setpoint. The adjustable pressure pilot can be set to sense pressure between .5 to 100 PSI. Maximum supply of 100 PSI. The 3-Way Valve is Normally Open or Normally Closed. Four mounting styles are available.

Air Logic Miniature Pressure Switch & Vacuum Switch Advantages

The switch operation is based on the actuation of a precision snap-acting switch acting against a diaphragm and provides a positive and reliable response. The extremely short stroke and small volume also permit a fast response for precise pressure and vacuum sensing. These switches can feature stainless steel springs for added corrosion resistance. Electrical switches have three electrical terminals: Normally Open, Normally Closed and Common.

Additional Pressure Switch & Vacuum Switch Features

The specific features of our pressure switch & vacuum switch offering vary by model, with more common features including:
  • Low Differential
  • Fast Response
  • Subminiature Size
  • Low cost
  • High-Pressure Adjustment

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