Twin-Rod Pneumatic Cylinders

Twin rod cylinders are ideal for pneumatic applications requiring linear movement while limiting rotation. Universal Power Conversion is fully stocked on AirTAC TR Series Twin Rod Cylinders with multiple bore and stroke sizes. These twin-rod cylinders provide additional stability for shear forces or side loads and prevent rotation at the rod end. Twin-rod pneumatic cylinders are double acting and feature handy T-slots along their length for easy mounting.
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AirTAC TR Series Twin-Rod Cylinder Features

AirTAC’s twin-rod cylinders share a number of general user benefits with aspects such as non-rotating tolerance that reduce side loading. General specifications of the TR Series Twin Rod Cylinders include:
  • Bore Sizes: 6, 10, 16, 20, 25 and 32mm
  • Available in strokes from 10mm to 200mm depending on the bore size
  • Mounting holes in the tooling plate
  • Comes with and without magnets
  • Operating Pressure: 22-145 PSI
  • Temperature Rating: -20-70 Deg C

Advantages of AirTAC Twin-Rod Cylinders

AirTAC TR Series Twin-Rod Cylinders feature a bumper in front of the barrel that can adjust the stroke length of the cylinder. This bumper also relieves impact to extend the lifespan of the barrel and improve operational reliability. The non-rotational design provides good resistance to Side Loading (bending and twisting movements).
The magnetic switch slots on the AirTAC TR Series Twin-Rod Cylinder provide easy installation.  The cylinder slotted extrusion body offers easy installation of the sensor(s) in multiple directions.

Additional AirTAC TR Series Twin-Rod Cylinder Specifications

Each AirTAC TR Series Twin-Rod Cylinder are double acting and feature push side/pull side acting types. Additional features include:
  • M5x0.8 or 1/8 NPT Ports
  • Safe Deflection
  • 215 PSI Proof Pressure
  • Speed Range: 30-500 mm/s

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