Relief Valves

Sequence Valves are designed for precise control in pneumatic control circuits and have two functions: They can be used as a relief valve to limit pressure in a pneumatic system, or as a relay valve to sequence specific signal operations.
Relief Valves by Air Logic come in two styles, adjustable and fixed. The fixed style can be made to customers’ specifications. Additional specifications are as follows:
  • Pressure Ranges: 0-10 PSI or 0-20 PSI
  • Mount Options: Inline or Panel
  • Inlet Barb: 1/16” straight, 1/16” I.D. or 1/8/” I.D.
  • Outlet Barb: 1/16” straight, 1/16” I.D. or 1/8/” I.D.
Universal Power Conversion is a distributor of miniature relief valves and other pneumatic components from quality manufacturers. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss custom relief valve options.