Miniature Check Valves For Pneumatic Systems

Miniature Check Valves permit flow in one direction only. Universal Power Conversion is a premier supplier of check valves designed to offer low cracking pressure and a low minimum differential for forward flow. We can fill one-time and high-volume orders of miniature check valves from leading brands such as Air Logic. Our dedicated staff has experience sourcing the correct check valve for standard and specialized industry applications. We can answer any questions you might have about check valve specifications or use cases. Miniature check valves can be connected through separate port connections and offer a compact solution to most pneumatic air check valve applications.
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Miniature Check Valve Function

The operation of the check valve is based on the movement of a small disc that shifts within the housing as the pressure differential changes from forward to reverse. A flat surface on one side of the disc seals off flow, while the other side allows flow to pass. The amount of flow permitted in the reverse direction, which is the sealing side, and the forward direction varies depending on the model of your check valve. 

Advantages of Miniature Check Valves

The most important function of check valves is to prevent backflow in a pneumatic system. Check valves protect equipment from backflow damage, prevent contamination in upstream media, maintain vacuum seals and prevent siphoning.
The specific advantages of Air Logic check valve design are low “cracking pressure” and a minimum differential for forward flow, less than 0.005 PSI in the Standard Units. Secondly, there is no residual pressure difference across the check valve once flow has ceased. Flow in the forward direction is relatively unrestricted, approximately equivalent to the restriction of a 0.040 inch orifice in the Standard Units.
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Miniature Check Valve Features

We carry a selection of Air Logic miniature check valves in straight, barb and female port options and cracking pressures ranging from 0.08” H2O to 0.10” H2O and 0.5 PSI to 5 PSI. Specific features of Air Logic check valves include:
  • Minimum Cracking Pressure
  • Compact Design
  • Cost Effective

Miniature Check Valve Applications

Air Logic has provided effective check valves and compact pneumatic solutions to various industries nationwide since 1975. Some frequent applications include:
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Applications
  • Gas Systems
  • Pumping Applications
  • Vacuum Systems

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