Spring Sensor

The F-4119-120 Spring Sensor is a limit sensor designed for simple and reliable operation and easy mounting.  Functioning like a whisker valve, it is composed of a nylon deflection rod and a tightly wound coil of the spring separate and allow free air flow.  In applications, the deflection of the nylon rod should not be allowed to exceed 45°.  Greater than 45° deflection of the rod may cause permanent damage to the coil spring.  The air connection should be made with 1/16” I.D. tubing, and a dropping restrictor or Sensor Venturi must be installed upstream of the spring sensor.  The nylon rod may be trimmed as required.  In the normal undeflected position, the sensor offers a high resistance to air flow.  Thus, the Spring Sensor can be used for various functions such as sensing the end of a cylinder stroke or sensing the presence of a part or machine element.