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UPC Has Gravotech Lasers And Engraving Products

Gravotech is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of innovative engraving, marking and cutting solutions. Universal Power Conversion is a premier supplier of Gravotech lasers and engraving products designed to effectively engrave and mark various materials and shapes. UPC offers options for individual part identification, large batch production or compact, personalized engravings. Gravotech Laser Marking Stations are fully automated and operate with galvanometric technology for high-speed marking. Dot peen marking machines are designed to integrate into any production process and offer permanent, tamper proof marking.

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Gravotech Products for Permanent Marking Solutions

Gravotech Lasers

Gravotech offers a wide range of laser marking equipment for industrial traceability applications. Our lasers are ready to be integrated for production identification on assembly lines, delivering high-quality marks in short cycles. Gravotech galvo lasers are ideal for Direct Part marking.

Laser Accessories

Universal Power Conversion carries an extensive supply of Laser Accessories, including Autofocus, brackets, Control Boxes, Exhaust Adapters and Rotary Chucks.
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Gravotech Laser Marking Stations

Our laser marking stations are designed to engrave and mark on most materials and shapes. These marking stations utilize galvanometric technology that allows for a permanent marking in a few seconds. Different sources are available with our laser stations, each designed to provide the best results on your material. Gravotech Marking stations are specially designed to meet the highest Class I safety requirements to enable safe laser engraving in any environment. Stations include the LW2, WELASE and LW3 marking stations.

Laser Marking Stations Features

  • Individual part identification
  • Large batch production
  • Fully automated station to be combined with a robot
  • Marking Areas from110 mm to 300 mm depending on station model
  • A compact engraving station for the personalization of objects

Dot Peen Marking Machine

Marking by dot peen and scribing offers permanent, tamper-proof marking. Gravotech Dot Peen marking machines are designed to be integrated into any production process. UPC’s range of integrated dot peen marking machines and scribing machines are the most reliable, versatile and efficient on the market. Our dot peen marking and scribing marking systems offer permanent, legible, and deep marking. Dot peen machines include the IMPACT, XF510p (Pneumatic), XF510m (Electromagnetic), XF510r (Scribing), SV510 and XF530 (Deep Marking) machines.

Dot Peen Marking Stations Features

  • Quick integration
  • Cost-Effective
  • Permanent industrial marking capabilities
    • Data Matrix marking
    • Direct Part Marking (DPM)
    • VIN Marking

Dot Peen & Scribing Accessories

Universal Power Conversion carries an extensive supply of Dot Peen & Scribing Accessories, including:

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