Electronic Expello Drain Valve

Automatic drain valves provide long-lasting air system protection by removing moisture and other contaminants from compressed air systems. The valve replaces the manual drain petcock on any air tank within a vehicle’s compressed air system, whether the tank is on a vehicle or trailer. Electronic drain valves provide reliable protection of air system components and help eliminate issues such as frozen air brakes.

Automatic Drain Valves for Air Compressor Systems

Expello® Air Products Automatic Drain Valves purge water, dirt and oil from the air system in a quick, 1-second burst, every 5 minutes of vehicle on time. That means clean, dry air and an end to frozen air brakes. The 15 watt thermostatically controlled heater ensures year-round air system protection, even during the harsh and cold winter months. These electronic drain valves offer the versatility of mounting horizontally or vertically to fit into tight places.

Electronic Expello Drain Valve Files

Protect Compressed Air Systems with Auto Drain Valves

Automatic drain valves for air compressors prevent the accumulation of moisture, carbon, oil, and other contaminants that contribute to valve damage. Use electronic drain valves on any vehicle or piece of equipment where you want to prevent the buildup of m