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Tsunami 3 Stage Breathing Air Systems & Accessories

Breathing air systems help provide Grade D breathing air in work areas, upstream and downstream environments, and any situation where high-pressure breathing air is required. Universal Power Conversion is a premier supplier of Tsunami Breathing Air Systems and accessories. Tsunami’s complete system features industry-leading Tsunami 3-stage filtration along with continuous carbon monoxide monitoring. UPC also carries Tsunami supplied air accessories, including a full hood set, full mask set, and helmet with cooling tube. As a trusted partner of Tsunami, we are confident that we can get you the Tsunami breathable air system and air drying systems that you need faster than our competitors.

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Tsunami Breathable Air System Features

Tsunami Breathing Air Systems are the optimal solution when Grade D breathing air is required. Breathing air system features include a 3-stage Tsunami filtration system with automatic float drains. The digital carbon monoxide alarm is easy to read to help ensure accuracy and safety in your working environment. The breathing air system is equipped with CO Monitor calibration, made easy with Autocal®. These Tsunami breathing air systems meet OSHA Grade D breathing air quality specifications. Multi User-Systems and Tsunami’s new Single-User Systems are available.

Breathable Air System Accessories

It is important to note that breathing air system hoses and hoods must be from the same manufacturer for NIOSH and OSHA compliance. Breathable air system accessories include but are not limited to:
  • Full Hood Sets
  • Full Mask Set-Spectrum Series
  • Respirator Helmet with Cooling Tube
  • Bullard ® hoses and hoods
  • Extension Hoses
  • GFG Breathing Air Accessories

Breathable Air System Requirements

Hoses and hoods must be from the same manufacturer for NIOSH and OSHA compliance!
You MUST follow all your state and local OSHA rules and regulations!
The purchaser has sole responsibility that the purchased system meets their local and state requirements!


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