Oval Bellows

Vacuum Suction Cup Oval Bellows

SOB series oval bellows vacuum cups are designed to offer the vacuum user a cup that can pick up on slight angled surfaces and adapt to products such as formed sheet steel that may have a slight radius. The design makes these vacuum cups ideal for handling pressed steel sheet and glass products.

Oval bellows cups include an aluminum male or female threaded fitting for machinery and vacuum source connection. This cup is available as standard in 60 durometer NBR (Nitrile) rubber. Standard Durometer is 60 but other Durometer grades are available upon request. Available diameters range from 30mmx60mm to 70mmx140mm.

  • Automotive steel stamping
  • Glass handling
  • Plywood transfer
  • Handling of oily steel surfaces
  • Concave and convex surfaces
  • Large box & carton handling
Universal Power Conversion offers an extensive inventory of vacuum cups from ValuForce to meet your product and material handling needs. Find what you need online or contact us to discuss our vacuum component options.