Air Filter

pneumatic (air) filter is a device that removes contaminants from a compressed air stream. Universal Power Conversion can fill low to high volume orders of air filters to fit most pneumatic systems. We offer Particulate, Coalescing and Carbon Filter depending on your application requirements. We are a premier supplier of pneumatic air filters from high quality manufacturers AirTAC, CKD, Pneumatics, and Tsunami.
As an SBA 8(a) certified pneumatic component supplier, we are dedicated to finding the air filters required for your pneumatic system. Learn about our air filters below or Contact us today to discuss your air preparation needs. 


Air Filter Benefits

The AirTAC GAF series features a unique diversion structure that spins the air flowing through your pneumatic system. This structure effectively separates the liquid from the air. Additionally, the diversion structure reliably filters the solid grain in the system. The GA4 offers three drain types, including manual drain, semi-auto drain and automatic drain. The bowl can be made from either PC, Nylon or metal. This air filter can be ordered with a bracket for easy installation.

Pneumatic Air Filter Features

  • Low Pressure Loss
  • High Efficiency
  • Large Drain Bowl Capacity
  • Semi Auto Drain & Automatic Drain
  • Filtration Grades From 5um to 40um (Optional)

Air Filter Specifications

pneumatic (air) filter is a device that removes contaminants from a compressed air stream. Air can be filtered through different techniques, ranging from a “media” type that traps particulates to a membrane. Universal Power Conversion has air filters with Particulate, Coalescing and Carbon filters. Our air filters range in port sizes from 1/8 NPT to 1 NPT. Drains are available as auto and semi-auto drains. Bowls include metal, poly with a guard and polycarbonate bowls.

Pneumatic Air Filters From Top Manufacturers

UPC stocks pneumatic air filters to suit a variety of industry applications. We are able to provide quick turnaround times on air filters from top manufacturers, including:

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