Air Piloted Control Valves

Pilot operated pneumatic valves are often used in areas where electrical signals create a fire hazard, or when air pressure control is preferred. Universal Power Conversion is proud to be an authorized distributor of pneumatic pilot operated valves from top manufacturers. Select from air piloted valves with single-pilot spring return or double-pilot 2-position operation. Double-pilot models are also available in a 3-position center-closed configuration.


Air Pilot Valves symbols

Explore our options below to find an air operated valve with the number of ports, flow paths, and valve positions you need or contact us with questions.

Single Pilot and Double Pilot Air Operated Valves for Pneumatic Systems

We offer pneumatic air piloted valves single pilot and double pilot options, with an option of 2-position or 3-position styles are available.

Single Air Piloted Valves: Available in 2 position 4-way models with a