AirTAC RMS - Magnetic

AirTAC RMS series, is a magnetic cylinder that basically works like pneumatic rodless cylinder.  But featuring a mobile piston fitted with annular magnets.  The Mobil carriage is also equipped with magnets to provide magnetic coupling (Carriage/Piston).  The carriage slide freely along the main tube. 
  • Bore Sizes: 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, and 40mm.
  • Available in Stroke from 50 to 1000 mm depending on the bore size.
Product Features:
  • Dust-Proof as the isolation between the carriage and piston.
  • Compact in for space.
  • The non-adjustable rubber bumpers and the adjustable pneumatic cushioning on both end of the cylinder ensures the smooth action.

Data Sheet