Tsunami Rove


The Rove is designed to give you ultimate mobility. The removable dryer sits atop a 30 gallon storage tank on wheels. This user-friendly design provides Tsunami world class air quality in a portable package. 

  • Wide track tires provide 100% portability
  • Compact design with "lift-off" regenerative dryer allows system to be stored or transported anywhere
  • Low relative humidity - down to .01% RH
  • Dew points down to -80°F
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance - under $100/yr average
  • Waterborne and solvent ready!
  • Pneumatically powered model provides unmatched versatility

Dryer flow rates based on 100°F at 175 PSI an outlet pressure of 100 PSI*  
*minimum inlet pressure 80 PSI Lower inlet pressure and higher temperatures affect the performance and quality of the downstream air

Pure Series dryers are available with either float or Moisture Minder pneumatic drains.

Tsunami Rove Files