Filter And Regulator Combination Units

A pneumatic Filter/Regulator combination unit is an excellent choice for air preparation applications that require accurate pressure regulation and high moisture removal efficiency in a compact solution. Universal Power Conversion offers Filter/Regulator combo units designed to remove rust, scale, condensed water and other debris while regulating air pressure to provide controlled and constant pressure within a compact unit. Several port sizes are available to meet your specific application requirements. UPC supplies multiple models of air filter and regulator combo units from top manufacturers, including CKD and AirTAC. We provide quick turnaround times and can fill low and high volume purchase orders.

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AirTAC CAD Drawing

Air Filter/Regulator Combination Unit Benefits

The specific benefits and advantage of each air combo unit depend on the model selected. AirTAC Air Filter/Regulator combo units utilize a pressed-in, self-locking mechanism that can help prevent the abnormal movement of the set pressure caused by internal interfere. Filter/Regulator combo units feature a circular square pressure gauge that can be paired to a clip and magnifier to save on installation space. These units offer a balanced design that is adopted for the pressure adjustment mechanism. The unique diversion structure spins the air flowing through the Filter/Regulator combo unit to effectively separate the liquid from the air and reliably filter sold grain.

Air Filter/Regulator Combo Specifications

Air Filter/Regulator combo units have semi-auto and automatic drain types available. A bracket can be selected for installation. Additional specifications include:
  • 3 Bowl Types: PC, Nylon & Metal
  • Filtering Grades From 5um to 40um (Optional)
  • Port Size From 1/8 NPT to 1 NPT
  • PSI From 7 to 130
  • Multiple Bowl Capacities

Air Filter/Regulator Combination Units From Top Manufacturers

UPC offers top quality air filters/regulator combination units from industry leading manufacturers. Customization options are available upon request. While our inventory is always growing to meet unique industry requirements, some manufacturers we supply are:  

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