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Tsunami Compressed Air Dryers

Air dryers remove moisture within a compressor before sending dry compressed air downstream. Universal Power Conversion is a premier supplier of innovative Tsunami 2-stage Pre-filtration water separating air driers. These driers
feature the Tsunami Regenerative Drying Systems, which utilize proprietary technology to provide extremely clean and dry air. These regenerative dryers can be wall-mounted, tank-mounted and rail-mounted depending on your application requirements. UPC also carries the Tsunami Rove and the Portable Pure-57 models to remove bulk liquids and fine particulates in a portable package. As a trusted partner of Tsunami, we are confident we can get you the Tsunami air dryers and air drying systems you need faster than our competitors.
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Tsunami Air Dryer Benefits

Tsunami Regenerative Drying Systems use proprietary technology to provide extremely clean and dry air. These air dryers provide a low relative humidity down to .01% RH. Tsunami air dryers reduce dew points down to -80°F. They are easy to install, and air dryers can be wall mounted, tank mounted or rail mounted, with portable options available through our Tsunami Rove and Portable Pure-5T. Tsunami air dryer systems are low cost and can function at $1000/year on average. These air dyers are also extremely low maintenance.

Tsunami air dyers include a Tsunami Water Separator and Oil Coalescing Filter with automatic drains.


ULTRA SERIES REGENERATIVE DRYERS features include but are not limited to:
  • 2-Stage Pre-Filtration; Water Separator, Oil Coalescing Filter
  • Regenerative Dryer
  • Moisture Minder® Automatic Drains
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC).

ULTRA SERIES WALL-MOUNTED Tsunami Ultra Dryers Wall Mounted

Ultra series wall-mounted regenerative dryers are designed as complete packages. Systems can be configured in multiple variations, allowing for pre-filtration to be installed on the left or right side of the unit. Dual inlet/outlet ports allow for bypass of the dryer where breathing air is required.


The Tank mounted design has a built-in bypass system allows the dryer to be shutoff for maintenance or service without stopping production. Easy to install—simply connect shop air into the inlet fitting and out the regulator.

ULTRA SERIES RAIL-MOUNTED Tsunami Ultra Dryers Rail Mounted-2

Tsunami rail mounted regenerative dryers are built to withstand the largest surges of contamination. Similar to other Tsunami drying systems, these dual-inlet units are built as complete packages.

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