Filtered Intakes For Air, Gas & Fluids

Air Logic Filtered Intakes are designed to filter the entry of air, gasses and fluids in pneumatic systems. Universal Power Conversion is a premier distributor of new filtered intakes from Air Logic and other industry leading intake manufacturers. Air Logic’s versatile intakes are popular for use as a vacuum filter, vacuum intake, suction filter and many more applications. These polypropylene filters have a double barbed fitting to form a secure connection on a 1/8" vacuum line.
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Benefits of Air Logic Filtered Intakes

Filtered intakes remove dust and other contaminants from entering your pneumatic system. This improves overall airflow and reduces wear on internal components. The large opening of these filtered intakes reduces flow restriction and can be easily monitored for debris pickup. The shape of Air Logic filtered intakes provide a flow path, even if placed against a flat surface. The body color of each filter indicates the filter type and mesh size, making different intake filter types easy to identify.

Additional Filtered Intake Features & Specifications

Air Logic filtered intakes are versatile components designed to provide filtered entry for air, gasses, and fluids. They feature a polypropylene housing and fitting for 1/8" vacuum lines. Clear filtered intakes have a 150 micron filter, and blue filtered intakes have a 105 micron filter. Specifications include:
  • Filter Cross Sectional Area .15 in2
  • Max Pressure: 125psi
  • Filter Size: 105-150 Microns Depending on Model
  • Max Temperature: 140°

Pneumatic Filtered Intakes Applications

Universal Power Conversion provides Air Logic’s new filtered intakes and additional pneumatic components to meet a variety of applications. Popular uses for pneumatic filtered intakes include:
  • Vacuum Filter
  • Vacuum Intake
  • Suction Filter
  • Siphon Filter
  • Fluid Pickup
  • Filtered Entry
  • Filtered Source
  • Filtered Strainer
  • Filtered Exhaust
  • Filtered Vent

Why Choose Universal Power Conversion, Inc. For Filtered Intakes

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