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To protect your pneumatic systems and equipment, it is recommended that all pneumatic systems have one or more air preparation components installed. Universal Power Conversion, Inc. (UPC) offers air filters, air regulators, and air lubricators for all pneumatic systems. We are proud to be a premier supplier of air preparation equipment and accessories from CKD, AirTAC and Tsunami. Our expert staff and extensive inventory make it easy to find the best air preparation device(s) to protect your pneumatic system and ensure a long life for your downstream components. As an SBA 8(a) certified pneumatic component supplier, we are dedicated to finding the parts required for your pneumatic circuit.
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High Performance Air Preparation Equipment

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UPC’s Air Preparation Components:

Air Filters

Air Filters remove contaminants from your compressed air stream using a different number of techniques. We can supply Particulate, Coalescing and Carbon filters to remove oils, odors, small aerosols and particulates down to .01 micron or .003 ppm depending on your requirements.

Air Pressure Regulators

Pneumatic pressure regulators reduce the input pressure to a desired pressure as its output pressure in compressed-air systems regardless of variations in input pressure or output flow. We offer Subminiature, Preset Precision and Manifold Precision Air Pressure Regulators from Air Logic, AirTAC and other leading brands.

Air Lubricators

Air Lubricators inject oil into an airline to provide lubrication to the internal working parts of pneumatic tools, and to other devices such as actuating cylinders, valves and motors. 

Filter, Regulator Combo Units

Filter, Regulator Combo Units are designed for air preparation applications that require accurate pressure regulation and high moisture removal efficiency. Units are self locking and are compact to save installation space.

Filter, Regulator, Lubricator Combo Units

Filter, Regulator, Lubricator Combo Units add a lubrication capability to standard Filter, Regulator Combo Units. These FRL combinations are easy to install and use, precise and efficiently eliminate moisture and solid grain.

Tsunami Filtration Packages

We supply Tsunami Filtration Packages to ensure durability against corrosion and trapped contaminants. These tested filters are machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum and filters particulate down to 10 micron at one quart per minute.

Soft Starts

Soft Starts valves allow pneumatic components to be pressurized slowly for safety and control.

Lockouts (Shut-Off) Valves

Lockouts (Shut-Off) Valves cut off upstream pressure and exhaust downstream pressure. UPC stocks 3-port, 2-position T Bracket mounting valves with available sizes range from 1/8" NPT to 1/2" NPT. Valves can be manually rotated.

FRL Accessories

FRL Accessories include Distribution Blocks, Joiner Brackets and Pressure switches available for the AirTAC 200, 300, 400 and 600 series Filter, Regulator, Lubricator Combo Units.

Compressed Air Dryers

We supply Tsunami Regenerative Drying Systems and Compressed Air Dryers to provide extremely clean and dry air with 2-stage Pre-filtration. Wall-Mounted, Tank-Mounted and Rail-Mounted models and portable units are available.

Breathable Air Systems

Our selection of Breathable Air Systems and accessories includes Supplied Air Respirators to provide Grade D Breathing air. Tsunami air respirators are easy to calibrate and feature 2-stage filtration with automatic float drains.  

High Performance Air Preparation Equipment from Top Manufacturers

UPC offers top quality air preparation equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers. While our inventory is always growing, some manufacturers we supply are:

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