Imperial Roundline Pneumatic Cylinders

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Imperial roundline cylinders utilize an internal piston to transfer air loads in a specific direction for marking, piercing and light presswork applications. Universal Power Conversion is ready to ship imperial round body cylinders and NPB Series imperial round body pneumatic cylinder accessories from industry-leading brands such as AirTAC’s NPB Series Imperial Roundline Pneumatic Cylinders. These cylinders provide high energy output and can operate from a normal factory air line. We can supply double acting, single acting, and double rod pneumatic cylinder models ranging in sizes from 5/16” to 2-1/2”.
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Other product features include:

  • Inch spec round line cylinder+
  • Magnet and bumpers
  • Standard high/low temp. seals options
  • Axial porting

Competitor's models for NPB Series Imperial round Body Cylinders include:

  • SMC's NCM Series
  • Parker's DXP Series
  • Bimba DXP Series
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