AirTAC International Group is located and established in Taiwan in 1988. AirTAC is a well-known supplier/manufacturer of pneumatic equipment in the world market. AirTAC specializes in producing actuators, control components, air preparation products, and accessories, which, are widely used in the automotive, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, environmental protection, lighting and textile, ceramics, medical equipment, and the food and packaging automatic industrial fields.

AirTAC Pneumatics

AirTAC International Group is one of the largest pneumatic component manufacturers in the world with a US headquarter in Houston Texas. They are a leading manufacturer of pneumatic equipment including actuators, valves, filters, regulators, gauges, cylinders, hose, silencers, controllers, tubes and fittings. Suitable for machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, printing, welding, lathe, environmental protection and lighting applications. Serves the automotive, electronics, construction, textile, medical equipment, food and packaging industries.

Universal Power Conversion supplies pneumatic components and accessories from AirTAC, and other leading manufacturers to accommodate a variety of automation tasks. 

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