Pure Series Dryers Tank Mounted

Whether supplying air to your entire facility or isolating a specific tool or application, Pure Series Tank Mounted Drying Systems provide world class Tsunami clean air technology at an affordable price.

Similar to Ultra Drying Systems, The Pure Series Tank-Mounted dryers come as complete packages with tank attachments to support air flow. The Pure-5T comes with a 1-gallon tank to maximize laminar air flow and the Pure-10T sits top a 60-gallon storage tank to increase shop capacity. The Pure-5T and Pure-10T are available with various power supply options including 120v, 220v, or pneumatic generator.

Dryer flow rates based on 100°F at 175 PSI an outlet pressure of 100 PSI*     
*minimum inlet pressure 80 PSI Lower inlet pressure and higher temperatures affect the performance and quality of the downstream air


Pure Series Dryers Tank Mounted Files

Tsunami Pure Series Dryers Tank Mounted