Miniature Pressure & Vacuum Switches

The F-4100 Series Miniature Pressure & Vacuum Switches interface from pressure or Vacuum to electrical control circuits. Ideal for general sensing applications. The switches are available with preset and adjustable pressure settings.

EOL (End of Life) Notice
Dated Bonding Process at Air Logic

For the past 10 years, Air Logic has been phasing out a dated bonding process in our manufacturing operation. This particular bonding process, as a method of joining plastics, is a technique going back to the 1960s. To date, the majority of Air Logic designs have already been updated, aside from very low volume products. Recently, we did a plant-wide operational assessment of manufacturing processes that no longer align within our core technology. The business has determined to eliminate all remaining dated bonding processes by July 31st, 2021.

During this transition, the majority of bonded parts will be converted to the ultrasonic welding process.

When Air Logic invests in the design and manufacturing conversion to ultrasonic welding, we see improvements in two key operational metrics: Quality and Delivery.

All F4100 and V4100 switches will be discontinued.
  • Product line “DL”
  • Like product offerings will be available soon in F5100 and V5100 series switches.