180 Deg Open/Closed

AirTAC HFR Series has a gripping range of 180 degrees this simplifies the gripping action.


  • Dust proof is designed in the finger part, which is applicable to special working environments.
  • The magnetic switch slots convenient to install inducting switch.
  • A sheet metal is installed between the finger and body to reduce abrasion and extend the service life.
  • 180 Deg. Open/Close type Simplify the gripping action.
  • Can be mounted from tree directions.


  • Operating Pressure: 21-100 PSI
  • Temperature Rating: -20-70 Deg C
  • Gripping Force: 0.16 N.m to 5.00 N.m depending on Bore Size
  • Sensors Switches: CMSH or DMSH(S)

Data Sheet