Air Press

Utilizing shop air pressure, our pneumatic presses can achieve 1/2 Ton to 8 Tons of output force. Starcyl Air Presses are designed to help reduce production costs. Automate crimping, heat sealing, bending, forming, pressing, swaging, riveting, burnishing or any other shop task that may require the use of pneumatic presses for production. Starcyl air presses can be sold as-is or purchased with the two-hand anti-tie down control packages to meet safety requirements.  Air Presses can achieving a high output force with a low input force. Stacly has the air presses to meet your production needs.

  • Entirely air operated, no electrics, no mechanics.
  • Air is very fast (200 str./min), dependable, silent and easy to service.
  • Pneumatic cylinders give force to all its stroke.
  • The ram is guided with close tolerance between two shafting rods and bronze bushings (no need of lubrification).
  • Air valve piloted to reduce air consumption.