Single-Acting Pneumatic Air Clamps

Pneumatic air clamps are frequently used to clamp material in drill fixtures or to manipulate metals and additional materials in pressing operations. Universal Power Conversion is a premier supplier of pneumatic air clamps from leading brands such as AirTAC and Mead Fluid Dynamics. These economical single-acting air clamps provide gripping power on the out stroke and spring retraction. Because 3-way valves may be used, hook-ups are quick and easy.
Universal Power Conversion is an authorized distributor offering an extensive collection of pneumatic components for automated applications. Find your ideal solution online, request a quote or contact us with your application questions.

Mead Fluid Dynamics Single-Acting Air Clamp Specifications

  • Pressure: Air to 150 PSI
  • Temperature: -40° F to 250° F (-40° C to 121° C)
  • Lubrication: Petroleum base oil
  • Filtration: 40 Micron minimum

Single-Acting Air Clamp Applications

Single-acting pneumatic air clamps can is most commonly used to secure materials for safer, more efficient clamping. Pneumatic air clamps are ideal for use in drill fixtures in addition to the following applications:
  • Bending
  • Swaging
  • Forming
  • Crimping
  • Pressing Operations

AirTAC & Mead Fluid Dynamics Single Acting Air Clamps

AirTAC & Mead Fluid Dynamics’ air clamps are made from Rod Nitrotec plated steel on 1" bore models. All other models of our in-stock air clamps are made from ground and polished steel. Clamp seals are one-piece neoprene cups and are custom molded for improved performance. The seal body and cover on adjustable models is made from lightweight aluminum. On all other models, the body and cover is made from cast aluminum. The body and cover of the H-12 and H-283 models are cast iron. These single acting air clamps are compatible with 3-way valves, which makes for quick and easy installation.

Air Clamp Adjustable Stroke Models

H0X01, HIX12, V0X01, and VIX12 models are supplied with an adjustable front head so that the user may adjust the length of the stroke by as much as one inch.

AirTAC Air Clamp Resources

Browse the specification sheets on select AirTAC air clamps that we will be supplying soon.

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