Airtec ZX & ZR

Airtec Series ZX-Rodless Cylinder Premium Line

Airtec_Rodless_Cylinder The ZX Rodless Cylinders, are compact pneumatic linear actuators with or without guides designed to save space. Our "K" series can be as much as 30% shorter for the same stroke as our competitors. Specially engineered polyurethane seals that mechanically lock into the aluminum profile provide high sealing characteristics and stick-slip free travel. Cylinders include integrated sensor grooves, adjustable cushions and permanent magnet for proximity sensors. Available without guide S and K Series, with adjustable slide guide SG and KG series or roller guides SR and KR series.
  • S and K Series without guide
  • SG and KG Series with adjustable slide guide
  • SR and KR Series with roller guides
  • Strokes up to 8000 mm (26.24 feet)
  • Available in 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63 mm bore
  • S, K, SG, and KG Cylinders can ship within 24 hours!

Application examples:
  • Automated manufacturing and assembly
  • Processing and packaging
  • Textiles and ceramics
  • Warehousing
  • Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • Food production
  • Test, inspecting and quality control

Airtec Series ZR-Rodless Cylinder with Toothed Belt Premium Line

Series ZR-Rodless Cylinder with Toothed Belt