Precision Pressure Regulator

Part # R-7060-5B5B-W/S

Air Logic
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Due to COVID-19- Lead Time Maybe 8-10 Weeks
Precision Pressure Regulator, Relieving, 0.05 to 60 PSI, 1/4 OD Push-in Input x Blank Accessory Port 2 x 1/4 OD Push-in Output x Blank Accessory Port 4, With Screwdriver Slot with 1/4" Shaft Adjustment

R-7060-5B5B-W/S Specifications

Inlet Port 1 :1/4 OD
Port 2:Blank
Outlet Port 3:1/4 OD
Pressure Range:0-60 PSI
Adjustment:Screwdriver Shaft
Manufacturer:Air Logic

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