Polyethylene-Lined EVA

  • Made from Class VI, FDA-sanctioned ingredients for use with food and beverage contact surfaces
  • Natural translucent color for visual contact with the flow
  • Remains flexible at temperatures from -29°F to 160°F
  • Non-toxic; odorless, tasteless, and inert
  • Remains pliable even after extended contact with alcohol
  • Good weatherability properties — resists gases and moisture
  • Low friction coefficient and good general chemical resistance


Beverage Distribution • Deionized Water Transfer • Food Processing • Laboratory • Medical Devices • Pharmaceutical Processing

PE-LINED EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) tubing is designed for use where cleanliness and flexibility are required. It offers good general chemical resistance and non-toxicity. A co-extruded product, PE-LINED EVA is made of a low density polyethylene liner with an EVA outer cover. It is manufactured in a patented process (Patent No. 4061461) to ensure the highest bond quality possible.

PE-LINED EVA tubing meets Class VI requirements and is suitable for use in poultry and meat processing. PE-LINED EVA also meets or exceeds standards in National Formulary, Vol. 14 for containers for injectables (plastics).

For working temperatures up to 180°F and greater stress resistance, ask about irradiated PE- LINED EVA tubing.