Nylobrade Push-On PVC Tubing

Nylobrade® Push-On Tubing is a blend of nitrile rubber and PVC reinforced with polyester. NYLOBRADE PUSH-ON may be used up to 200 psi at 68°F. Elevated temperatures require in-field testing to determine suitability for use without clamps. The opaque black color of NYLOBRADE PUSH-ON helps hide dirt and scuff marks.

■ A blend of nitrile rubber and PVC reinforced with polyester
■ Specially designed for use with Push-On style barbed fittings which eliminate the need for clamps
■ Non-marking cover, resistant to U.V., ozone, and abrasion
■ Electrically non-conductive
■ Offers cold temperature flexibility
■ Well suited for air and water lines and outdoor use
■ Silicone free — use as air hose in paint applications
■ Lighter weight and more abrasion resistant than all-rubber, push-on style hose