Acoustical Foam

Acoustic foam, or studio foam, is an open celled foam used for acoustic treatment. It attenuates airborne sound waves by increasing air resistance, thus reducing the amplitude of the waves. The energy is dissipated as heat. Universal Power Conversion carries several different varieties of acoustic absorbing materials, including:

Acoustic Absorbing Materials

  • Hushcloth ® - Hushcloth® Acoustical Foams are designed to provide maximum absorption of airborne sound with minimum thickness and weight. These flexible polyurethane open cell foam products are manufactured to optimize pore size, air flow resistance, and density. Hushcloth® is available in a variety of materials and acoustical foam types with various profiles, facing materials and flammability properties.
  • Spaced Sound Absorbers - Spaced sound absorbers combine acoustic absorbing capabilities and sound barrier properties in a series of unique and novel products, which have the common property of being self-supporting in their application.

Whispermat™ Studio Foam Barrier Materials

Barrier Materials provide a range of acoustic absorbing materials specifically designed to achieve maximum attenuation over a broad frequency range. Whispermat™ combines dense, limp, flexible non-lead loaded barriers with Hushcloth® foams, providing a total noise control system.

  • Whispermat™ WM0 – Constructed of high-density flexible vinyl sheeting that can be used as a lead-free non-reinforced barrier septum.
  • Whispermat™ WM1 – Provides a Single layer of Whispermat™ barrier cured onto a single layer of Hushcloth® acoustical foam.
  • Whispermat™ WM2 – Forms a foam two-layer barrier septum of Hushcloth® acoustical foam with a septum of Whispermat™ barrier cured in the center.
  • Whispermat™ Safe and Sound – Consists of a melamine foam barrier which is a safe, nonflammable, low smoke laminate of Whispermat™ and Melamine Foam.
  • Whipermat™ Floormat HEW and PGW – The barrier consists of closed cell foam that is Similar to Whispermat™ WM1, but with an embossed colored wear surface and a closed cell foam to prevent fluid ingress.

Thermal Insulation Materials

Insulwrap products are designed to meet the varied thermal insulation and flammability requirements with optimized weight cost and flexibility.

  • Insulwrap Mineral Boards – This type of sound control foam is asbestos free and provides thermal insulation.
  • Insulwrap Lagging Materials - Lagging Duct or pipe wrap is an acoustic absorbing material that is primarily used for thermal insulation.
  • Quilts - Sewn quilt material provides studio foam sound protection with added thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities.

Vibration Damping Materials

American Acoustical Products manufactures a wide range of vibration damping products, which are all acoustically optimized to reduce the resonant vibrations and enhance the sound transmission loss of the original structures.

  • Whisperdamp Sheets – Whisperdamp sheets are VE Damping materials that are supplied in tiles, sheets, or rolls.
  • Whisperdamp Noiseless Metal – This acoustic absorbing material consists of a constrained layer of damping materials manufactured with stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum.
  • Whisperdamp PDP – Whisperdamp PDP has a viscoelastic inner layer that is incorporated into an FRP laminate for built in constrained layer damping.
  • dBRock - dBRock is a viscoelastic material that is combined with a Whispermat™ barrier layer for added mass to improve the sound transmission loss, particularly at mid to high frequencies. This acoustic absorbing material can be used to bond panels together, and provide constrained layer damping to sheet rock walls and hardwood floors.

Download American Acoustical Product Brochure in pdf (1.2M) format.

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