Industrial Shock Absorbers

Any mechanism that moves and that must be stopped is a potential application for controlled linear deceleration. There is no more effective way to achieve that control than through the use of ACE shock absorbers. With them, you can quickly and safely stop any type of motion including: straight-line, rotary, free-falling, sliding, rolling, etc. It makes no difference if the motion is driven electrically, mechanically, hydraulically, or pneumatically.  Enertrols shock absorbers have replaced solid stops, deceleration valves, flow control valves, cylinder cushions, springs, rubber bumpers, dash-pots, feed controls, hydraulic checks, complicated and costly circuits, and conventional industrial shock absorbers.

ACE Products:

  • Industrial Shock Absorbers 
    • Sub Miniature Shock Absorbers 
    • Miniature Shock Absorbers 
    • Mid-Size Shocks 
    • Gold Line™ Series
    • SILVERLINE™ Series
    • High Precision Metric (HPM™) Series
    • Heavy Industrial Shock Absorbers 
  • Stacker Crane & Crane Bumpers  
  • Gas & Hydraulic Dampers 
  • Velocity and Feed Controllers 
Enertrols offers sizing software for your Shock application.  Click here to download your free software.

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