Pipe Nipples

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In plumbing and piping, a common pneumatic component is the pipe nipple. A pipe nipple consists of a short piece of pipe that is male threaded at each end. Pipe nipples are commonly used for connecting two other pneumatic fittings.

Hex Nipples

A hex nipple is a specific type of pipe nipple. Generally, these types of pneumatic components have a hexagonal section in between the male threads for wrench grasping capabilities. Hex nipples function like a nut that can be gripped by a normal wrench. This provides a greater mechanical advantage than normal rounded pipe nipples. Some of the common uses for hex nipples include:
  • Water work applications
  • Ship building industry
  • Petrochemical & gas industries
  • Power industries
  • Valve industries
  • General pipe connecting projects

Seamless Nipples

Seamless nipples are a variety of pipe nipple that are made from seamless pipe. They have a variety of different style threads including:
  • BSP (British Standard Pipe)
  • NPT (National Pipe Thread)
  • NPSM (National Pipe Straight-Mechanical)
  • Metric

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