Multi-Bore Tubing

Multi-Bore Tubing is produced using polyurethane in a single extrusion.  Unlike MCR (Multi-Colored Ribbon), it is made in one extrusion, which means the tube can only be made in a single color.  Unlike MCR, Multi-Bore can’t be separated cleanly and should not be used with push-in fittings.  If you require more colors than are listed here consider using MCR see page for more information.

Features Multi-Bore Tubing

  • Two or more tubes extruded as a single piece, joined by a tough connecting web.
  • Mono-colored
  • One tube has an identification rib.
  • Ribbon tube configuration.


Uses Multi-Bore Tubing Ideal for applications requiring severe or constant flexing. Barb fittings are the suggested fittings to use with the multi-bore tubing.

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