Kynar PVDF Tubing

Kynar® PVDF compound is an economical alternative to Teflon (PTFE, PFA, and FEP) tubing for applications not requiring heat resistance.  Kynar® possesses excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.  The high purity material is the ideal tubing for a variety of applications requiring an odorless and tasteless tube.

Features of Kynar® PVDF Tubing

  • Resists: Acids, Alcohol, Aliphatics, Aromatics, Chloride, Fungus, Mild Bases, Out-gassing, Radiation, UV Light
  • Sterilizable by Gamma Radiation or Ozone.
  • Resists fungal growth per MS 810B, Method 508 testing.

Uses for Kynar® PVDF Tubing

Well suited for: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food & beverage, Deionized water systems, Semiconductor processing, Wastewater treatment, and Pulp & paper bleaching

TubingCover Contact Universal Power Conversion for Kynar® PVDF Tubing

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