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DEL Hydraulics Pneumatic Air Valves & Cylinders

Since 1945, DEL has been a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pneumatic controls and control solutions for all of North America. Universal Power Conversion, Inc. is proud to be a premier supplier of DEL pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic consoles and additional DEL products. We offer quick turnaround times and competitive prices on all DEL products and can work with your ideas to create complete solutions to your project requirements.

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DAV1221 valves (FEATHERING)


Dump Pump Actuators

Hydraulic Valve Actuators


Swivel Pedestals 



DAV1221 Pneumatic Valves (FEATHERING)

These stackable valves utilize one common and exhaust port with one standard bolt length. The offset handle allows for clean installation for reduced labor costs. With a PSO proportional control of 0-120, DAV1221 valves are ideal for bankable applications including wet line kits, dump pump controls, municipal snowplow vehicles and more.

Added Features

  • Back-lit knobs for all driving conditions, even at night
  • Neutral detent with detent clip
  • 3 position detent (raise, lower, neutral)

Pneumatic Joysticks

DEL pneumatic joysticks (feathering) feature a compact assembly of two DAV 1221 pneumatic valves to allow single operation of valve function with one lever. The lever is capable of articulating 360 degrees and can be equipped with back-lit knobs, electric handle grips and more. Joysticks are ideal for front end loaders, roll-offs and municipal snowplow trucks.

Added Features

  • Heavy duty design
  • Non-rotating design for the electric handle grips and illuminated knobs

Dump Pump Actuators

Dump pump actuators are direct mount air shift cylinders that are designed for use with hydraulic dump pumps. These actuators can be used to lower dump bodies and end dump trailers through air controls.

Added Features
  • Easy to install
  • Little maintenance required

Hydraulic Valve Actuators

DEL’s ASC series actuators control the closing and opening of hydraulic valves. These actuators control cables and/or electrical systems, which saves on troubleshooting and service costs. The corrosion deterring design holds up to demanding environment and applications.

Added Features
  • Compact size
  • Proportional control
  • Pre-assembled for quick and simple installation
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Our supply of consoles are powder coated and feature a two piece design for ease of installation.

Added Features
  • Removable access panel
  • Outside mounting holes

Swivel Pedestals

These swivel pedestals (ERGO HD) can be rotated to either driver or passenger side. Swivel pedestals are available in heights of 5", 10" and 14" and are configurable to hold up to 10 plus valves.

Added Features
  • Powder coated
  • Removable top and middle for easy access

DEL Pneumatic Cylinder & Valve Applications

While the specific application of each DEL product is different depending on the product, frequent uses for DEL products include:
  • Dump Body Systems
  • Municipal Snow/Ice Ploy Systems
  • Refusing Vehicle Applications
  • Walking Floor & Live Floor End Dump Applications
  • Winch Applications & More

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