Specialty Manufacturing Co.

Specialty Manufacturing Co.

Company Profile

The Specialty Manufacturing Company’s product lines include metal and plastic valves, hydraulic couplers, dental components, Pool/Spa Chemistry Automation, Custom Machine Tool Fixtures and Integrated manufacturing services . The The Specialty Mfg. Co. Valve division manufactures a wide variety of valves and check valves made of brass, stainless steel and plastic materials. These products are purchased by numerous industries including automotive, water purification, medical, beverage, and chemical dispensing. SafeWay Hydraulics is a leading supplier of quick action hydraulic couplings for the industrial, agricultural and mobile equipment industries. Specialty Dental manufactures and sells small pneumatic valves, manifolds, and custom injection molded parts for the dental industry. Specialty Integrated Services offers decades of experience in precision machining, metal stamping and injection molding. This division has the unique advantage of combining high production screw machining with today’s most advanced computer controlled multi axis machine capabilities to provide the most price competitive parts available. Our full service plastic injection molding facility incorporates in-house mold design, fabrication, and on-site mold repair. We offer metal stamping technologies that produce small precision stamped components for the medical, electrical and communications industries. We also manufacture a broad line of cutting blades for the tape, paper and plastic industries. Rola-Chem Corp. / Paradise Industries produce peristaltic pumps, controllers, flow meters and other products for the pool industry. New Ulm Precision Tool is a custom fixtures and tools manufacturer..

Quality Statement

The Specialty Mfg. Co. is committed to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. Our success is our commitment to be flexible, meeting customer’s expectations and providing a basis for achieving our quality objectives.




Check Valves

  Plastic & Metal Check Valves

Ball Valves

  Plastic Two-Way Ball Valves
  Plastic Three-Way Ball Valves
  Metal One & Two-Way Ball Vavles
  Metal Three-Way Ball Valves
  Metal Four & Five-Way Ball Valves

Needle Valves

  Metal Series Needle Valve
  Plastic Series Needle Valve
  Swivel Needle Valve (Female x Female)
  Swivel Needle Valve (Male x Male)
  Standard Needle Valve
  Side Port Needle Valve
  1/8 MNPT Needle Valve
  Standard Mini Needle Valve
  10-32 Male Mini Needle Valve
  1/8 MNPT Mini Needle Valve
  Manifold Cartridge Needle Valve
  Manifold Cartridge Needle Valve (10-32 Female Inlet Port)
  Pilot Actuated Needle Valve

Miniature Valves

  Toggle Valves
  Push Button Valves
  Needle Valves
  Routing Valves
  Pinch Valves
  Check Valves
  Shuttle Valves
  Pilot Valves
  Miniature Fittings
  Quick Disconnects
  Electric Switch
  Pressure Indicators


  Female x Male Swivel Adapters
  Female x Male Swivel 90° Adapters

Strainers & Filters

  Suction Strainers
  Line Strainer
  Barbed In-Line Filters
  Filter Washers

Pressure Controls

  Flow Restrictor Valves
  Balance Pressure Regulators
  Sprayflex Nozzle
  Chemical Injector
  Rolover Valves