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Corporate Profile

Sunnex, Inc. is a part of the Sunnex division owned by the Amplex group. Amplex is a privately held business group with operations in the following business sectors: Retail, Components, Medical & Industrial and Automotive. The group comprises of about 40 wholly owned companies with about 700 employees. The group is focused on strategic acquisitions in the core markets and has recently acquired two companies in the US: RonI and Ace Medical.

For over 30 years, Sunnex, Inc. has provided its customers with the best products in the market. From lighting and magnification products, to anti-vibration and leveling machine mounts, Sunnex manufactures premium, unique products designed for durability, high-performance and low life cycle cost.

Sunnex, sales and service representatives are located in over 40 countries worldwide, with the European headquarters in Sunnex, Sweden, the North American headquarters in Charlotte, NC, USA and wholly owned sales subsidiaries in Aix en Provence, France and Potsdam, Germany.

Sunnex, Inc’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative high quality, customer driven industrial and healthcare products by listening closely to our customers and work as a flexible cohesive team internally and externally with our business partners to provide effective solutions with lower life-cycle costs than our competitors.

Sunnex has the capacity to provide analysis, integrate components design, materials development, process development, and prototyping into mechanical, plastic and elastomer applications. Sunnex is relying on more than 30 year’s industry experience in development and manufacturing of anti-vibration products.

Our anti vibration solutions and competencies have a wide range of applications from very large industrial machines to small devices. Two application stories that illustrate these expertises are:

  • Sunnex developed anti-vibration solutions for one of the largest Manufacturer of Plastic injection molding equipment in the world, the Mannesmann Group.
  • Another solution is when our technical team solved unique shock and vibration problem for a hand-held medical device manufacturer, a Fortune 500 company, through a new design and material composition.

Sunnex has, in addition to our engineering capacity, in-house production facilities in Europe, the US and Asia as well as external manufacturing capacity. This gives Sunnex the opportunity to provide high quality competitive manufacturing solutions for the whole spectrum of companies – from Fortune 500 company to the small job shops. We can provide the customized solution from design to production.

Sunnex Products:

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Anti-Vibration Mounts


Sunnex is a global manufacturer of anti vibration mounts, noise control and isolation mounts & pads and precision leveling feet & leveling mounts for manufacturing equipment and production machinery. Our products are manufactured using quality materials such as stainless steel, high-grade nylon polymer, and nitrile rubber. Use our online tools to choose, design, and budget the right product for your design.

OSM-Series Vibration Mounts

           Machine mounts with built-in leveling bolt. For loads from 100-12,000 lbs. Application areas include automatic lathes, grinding machines, injection molding machines, and drilling/milling machines.

MHD-Series Vibration Mounts

  The structure of this machine mount guarantees precision leveling to 1/100 mm range. For loads from 3500-12,000 lbs. Application areas: elastic bedding of dynamic production machines, such as machine tools, stamping machines, and presses.

WM-Series Vibration Mounts

  Sunnex WM-mounts incorporate a high-precision leveling system which can be adjusted. Application areas: Plastic injection molding machines, graphic machines, presses, stamping, and high speed machines.

AM-Series Vibration Mounts

  The Sunnex AM-Series is best suited for those applications where vibration attenuation and chemical resistance is of primary concern. Application areas: Medical equipment, food and beverage packaging, chemical processing.

SP-Series Machine Vibration Pads

  Machine vibration pads made from special nitrile rubber to insulate machinery against the adverse effects of impact shock, cyclic vibrations and structure-borne noise. Application areas: Vibration pads for grinders, compressors and lathes.

Leveling Mounts

Leveling Feet and Mounts

Sunnex provides a variety of direct and precision leveling options for machinery as the ideal solution for all types of applications.

LL-Series Mount

           Machinery mount with leveler screws; can be leveled from above or below. For loads from 1000-9000 lbs. Application areas: Equipment benches, drill presses, and blast stations.

LE-Series Leveling Feet

  The Sunnex LE consists of a rubber molding vulcanized to the leveling bolt. The one piece integral mount provides excellent stability and surface grip. Application areas: woodworking machinery, appliances, and office equipment.

LN-Series Leveling Feet

  The LN-Series (nylon) mount provides fast, easy, and cost effective precise leveling of all types of machinery and equipment. Application areas: Assembly and packaging equipment.


  Sunnex LS/LP-Series supports any type of machinery and equipment, from packaging machinery to office furniture. Corrosive resistant.

Stainless Steel Mounts

Sunnex provides groups of all stainless steel leveling mounts designed to offer characteristics and key features to many industries.

Hygienic H-Series Stainless Steel Leveling Mounts

           Hygienic Stainless Steel upgraded design is configured to meet more equipment needs for food, drug and medical industries.

Hygienic M-Series Stainless Steel Leveling Mounts

  Economic Stainless Steel configured to economically meet most equipment needs for food, drug and medical industries. Available with anchoring holes

AM-Series Stainless Steel Leveling Mounts

  The Sunnex 2100/4100 Series is best suited for those applications where vibration attenuation and chemical resistance is of primary concern. Application areas: Medical equipment, food and beverage packaging, chemical processing.

Type J Mounts


Type G Mounts


Type KJ Mounts


Type KG Mounts


Hygienic FDA Stainless Mounts

Machinery Mounts, Leveling Casters & Vibration Pads

FDA H-Series Hygienic Stainless Steel Machinery Mounts

           Hygienic Stainless Steel machinery mounts specifically configured to meet the equipment needs for food, drug and medical industries. The only machinery mounts that meet FDA and USDA standards.

FDA M-Series Hygienic Stainless Steel Machinery Mounts


Level Casters

Leveling Mounts - Leveling Casters

Sunnex's Level Caster Product fits every mounting requirement neatly into one package; offering the functionality of three products for the price of one. The Level Caster incorporates a high-grade nylon wheel for easy movement, a mount for precise leveling, and a rubber pad for anti-vibration control.

Advantages include:

  • anti-vibration control
  • easy hand leveling adjustment
  • 360-degree motion
  • die-cast aluminum frame
  • dual mounting designs

Applications include:

  • packaging equipment
  • workstations
  • telecommunications racks
  • assembly equipment
  • electronic manufacturing equipment