Since 1963 Mem-co has been the premier designer and manufacturer of high quality, miniature barbed air fittings for science and industry. Mem-co fittings feature flawless silver solder joints and are all 100% inspected. Over 750 Configurations of standard and hard-to-find fittings are in stock ready for immediate delivery.

If you're looking to reduce costs save space, or cut assembly time, chances are that Mem-co has the fittings to help you do it!

We'll make what you want

If you don't see the exact fitting your application demands, tell us what you need...or Fax or email us a sketch. We'll respond promptly. OEM custom samples can be shipped within 48 hours.

Mem-co fittings are used in countless applications

Semiconductor     Paint-ball Equipment Automotive
Fuel / Carburetor Systems Recreational Vehicles  Ink Jet Engines
Amusement Equipment Homeland Defense Devices  Production Machinery
Hydrogen Fuel Cells Medical Equipment Food Packaging
Lasers  Instrumentation Devices Miniature Jet Engines
Military Equipment   Laboratory Equipment Robots
Biomedical Devices Dental Equipment Aerospace Equipment
Cooling & Lubrication Devices Toxic Gas Detection Equipment Textile Machinery
Pneumatic Gauges Automated Production Equipment Transducers
Conveyor Systems  and Many More…  

MEM-CO saves space and labor for you by combining multiple fittings into a single Unitized Assembly

The conventional approach shown above requires four male barb fittings threaded into a female cross.

The assembly is large and the labor costs become prohibitive when large numbers of fittings are required.

MEM-CO silver solders joints on all fabricated fittings. Soft solder joints are not used on any of our products!

Space savings are obvious. And no incremental labor costs accrue to you.

 MEM-CO makes thousands of fittings in sizes and configurations not found elsewhere. Download the catalog to see some of the custom fitting Mem-Co offers.

New 2020 Memco Catalog