O'Keefe Controls Co.

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For more than 40 years, O'Keefe Controls Co. has been designing and manufacturing high-reliability precision orifices and fluid control devices. The company is recognized worldwide as a leader in both standard and customized solutions where applications demand well-defined fluid flow and level monitoring characteristics.

Our products include precision orifices, miniature in-line screens, and breathers, miniature stainless steel fittings, check valves, fixed flow controls, and pneumatic level sensors. O'Keefe is also highly regarded for its advanced engineering and technical consultative expertise; all of which is based in our Monroe, CT headquarters and fabrication center.

As a lean enterprise, O'Keefe Controls Co. is committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. To clearly convey our commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality, O'Keefe Controls Co. has adopted an organizational chart that puts our customers at the top, celebrates our workers and emphasizes the internal cooperation needed to bring this about.

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