Feeding Concepts Inc.

Feeding Concepts Inc.

Founded in 1989 and a third generation company, Feeding Concepts has been established as a leader in the parts feeder handling and vibratory feeder orienting industry. We offer a variety of vibratory feeder and parts feeder solutions, ranging from new and used systems to complete vibratory feeder refurbishing and retooling.

If you need a custom parts feeder or vibratory feeder bowl, please give us a call or browse our catalog here. We would be glad to help with all of your vibratory part feeder needs. Feeding Feeding Concepts Inc. Concepts is built upon a firm foundation consisting of a strong mission statement that guarantees that the customer’s feeding equipment needs come first.

We are continuously searching for more efficient part feeder techniques that will produce high-quality, low-costing parts feeders and vibratory feeder bowls. At Feeding Concepts, flexibility is essential to every project. Just as every vibratory feeder differs from the next, so does every customer. Therefore, we promise to utilize our interpersonal communications method to approach all your part handling needs, with the willingness to mold to your parts feeder specifications.

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“We are unique because from the start of the parts feeder project, there is a lead engineer in direct communication with you, and that same engineer is right by your side until the project is completed.” -President, CEO.

Our Mission Statement: “We will be a leading manufacturer of vibratory feeder bowls and parts feeder systems. We will be recognized for leading edge technology, product reliability, on-time delivery, and customer support. We will continuously improve our part feeding products and services to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements while succeeding as a profitable faith based business.”

Why choose Feeding Concepts, Inc. as your feeder supplier?

With our experienced team of engineers and builders, we will ultimately present the most cost-effective feeder system that does the job intended. Keeping our systems simple, straightforward, and reliable is what we are about.

How do I know which system will best fit my application?

We will consult for free on any applications that have the potential for a parts feeder or vibratory feeder system and provide support for all of your feeder needs. Our engineers have years of experience in the industry and will be able to pinpoint your requirements.