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PIC Gauges offers an unprecedented selection of pressure and temperature instruments as well as accessories.  With over $10M of finished goods in stock, PIC Gauges has an industry leading selection of product available for immediate shipment.  Available products include pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, thermowells, needle valves, and more.  PIC Gauges products are designed to meet or exceed industry standards and specifications.


Pressure Gauges are dial-type mechanical instruments designed to measure pressure in a wide variety of applications.  From general commercial and industrial use, to harsh applications like chemical/petrochemical and oil & gas, PIC Gauges are designed to meet or exceed industry standards and specifications.  PIC Gauges stocks a wide variety of pressure gauges in dial sizes from 1” through 10” with copper alloy or 316 SS internals and various case materials and mounting styles.


Thermometers are available in multiple configurations, including dial type bimetallic thermometers, scale-type industrial thermometers, and remote dial thermometers.  Bimetal thermometers feature all stainless-steel construction, available in dial sizes 2” through 5” in fixed back or adjustable configurations and various stem lengths.  Industrial thermometers are available in 7” or 9” scale in various ranges and stem lengths.


Thermowells are protective sleeves for temperature instruments designed to isolate the instrument from the process media and associated pressure.  Once installed, Thermowells allow for easy removal and re-installation of Thermometers, Thermocouples, or RTD’s without having to shut down the process.  Thermowells from PIC gauges are available in many configurations, including threaded, flanged, and sanitary options, in carbon steel, copper alloy, stainless steel and many exotic metals.  All PIC Gauges Thermowells feature one piece solid barstock shaft construction.  A wide variety of standard configurations are in stock available for immediate shipment.


Needle Valves are designed to regulate flow to an instrument or other industrial application.  PIC Gauges needle valves are rugged enough for the oil & gas market, and suitable for most industrial applications.  Available in a wide variety of connections in 316 stainless steel and carbon steel bodies, PIC Gauges has most common configurations in stock for immediate shipment.


Diaphragm seals are designed to protect pressure gauges or other pressure instruments from corrosive, high-temperature or viscous process media.  Multiple configurations are available from stock, including threaded, all-welded, flanged and sanitary connections in wetted parts of stainless steel, polymer and exotic metal options.


PIC Gauges also offers a full line of pressure and temperature sensors, including pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, RTDs and thermocouples.  PIC Gauges offers sensors available in multiple configurations, including a wide variety of electrical connections and outputs.


PIC Gauges offers a large selection of accessories designed to enhance the performance of pressure and temperature gauges in specific operating conditions. Available accessories include, steam syphons, gauge cocks, cooling towers, capillary, needle valves, and more.   From pulsation & vibration to heat or steam, PIC Gauges stocks the accessory to ensure pressure gauges and thermometers operate at their optimal performance level.