Welcome to Alkon Corporation – a premier provider of high-quality fittings, valves, flow controls, and Trans-DOT products, distributed by Universal Power Conversion. Alkon's impact spans industries, from military applications like the Abrams tank to everyday items like refrigerators and dental equipment.

Diverse Product Range:

Alkon manufactures a wide array of products, including:


Fittings photo

Their line of fittings is one of the most extensive available on the market today. Alkon is a prime supplier of PTC fittings to the Department of Defense for the Abrams tank and the Stryker vehicle programs. Used on aircraft carriers and low riders, on trucks, and world-class drag racers.


Valves photo

Their valves are tried and true. There’s a lot to be said for that. Alkon valve products are selected for home refrigerators and dental equipment, industrial air compressors and car washes, animatronics and packaging, aircraft, and amusement park rides.

Flow Controls

Flow Controls photo

Their entire flow control line has long been recognized for its high-flow, ultra-reliable performance. This explains why their flow control valve was chosen for use in the original Jarvik artificial heart.


Trans-DOT Line for Transportation:

Alkon's complete line of pneumatic connections is explicitly designed for transportation, including air brake systems, air suspensions, and cabin controls for trucks, trailers, RVs, buses, transit, and rail. Trans-DOT valves deliver a wide flow range for standard and low-temperature applications, including specialty valves, and perform exceptionally in the harshest environments.


Trans-DOT Valves photo

Trans-DOT Valves

Trans-DOT Specialty Valves

Trans-DOT Solenoids photo

Trans-DOT Solenoids

Trans-DOT Series 100 Pipe Fittings photo

Trans-DOT Series 100 Pipe Fittings

Trans-DOT Emergency Repair Kit photo

Trans-DOT Emergency Repair Kit


Plenty of Options for Your Business Growth:

Alkon offers various options, including sealant, port sizes, and more. Their products are designed to help you save money, become more profitable, and grow your business.

Distributed by Universal Power Conversion:

Universal Power Conversion proudly distributes Alkon products. Trust Alkon for superior valves, fittings, flow controls, and Trans-DOT solutions. Contact us to explore Alkon's diverse product range for your industrial needs through our extensive distribution network.