Alkon fittings and valves touch everyone, in one way or another, every day. From the Abrams tank to amusement park rides, packaging systems to dental equipment, car washes and refrigerators to low riders.

They can make any product from scratch — from melting and forging to casting and machining to the finished product. Customers come to them because they know they’ll do it right.

10,000+ fittings, valves, and flow-control products.

All Alkon products arrive with pre-applied thread seal – and the performance assurance that comes with our high-quality standards. Just two of many ways we make sure their products are the best you can get.

Alkon is certified ISO 9001:2008.


Fittings photo

Their line of fittings is one of the most extensive available on the market today. Alkon is a prime supplier of PTC fittings to the Department of Defense for the Abrams tank and the Stryker vehicle programs. Used on aircraft carriers and low riders, on trucks and world-class drag racers.


Valves photo

Their valves are tried and true. There’s a lot to be said for that. Alkon valve products are selected for home refrigerators and dental equipment, industrial air compressors and car washes, animatronics and packaging, aircraft and amusement park rides.


Flow Controls

Flow Controls photo

Their entire flow control line has long been recognized for its high-flow, ultra-reliable performance, which explains why Their flow control valve was chosen for use in the original Jarvik artificial heart.

Alkon Trans-DOT

Trans-DOT Valves photo

Trans-DOT Valves

Trans-DOT Specialty Valves

Trans-DOT Solenoids photo

Trans-DOT Solenoids

Trans-DOT Series 100 Pipe Fittings photo

Trans-DOT Series 100 Pipe Fittings

Trans-DOT Emergency Repair Kit photo

Trans-DOT Emergency Repair Kit

Trans-DOT AQ-DOT Fittings photo

Trans-DOT AQ-DOT Fittings

Save money, get more profitable and grow your business.

Alkon has a complete line of pneumatic connections explicitly designed for transportation – air brake systems, air suspensions and cabin controls for trucks, trailers, RVs, buses, transit, and rail.

Trans-DOT valves deliver a wide flow range for standard and low-temperature applications – including specialty valves – and perform in the harshest environments.

Plenty of options available: sealant, port sizes and much more. Emergency repair kits, too.


Alkon are unique in many ways. They've been privately held for more than 30 years. Their executives are major shareholders in the company and are not only active in the company every day, but passionate about their companies success.

Alkon began as a small startup with a single line in Hawthorne, New Jersey, in the mid-1950s. They’ve grown every year since.

They started making valves in the mid-1960s and developed several innovative, now-patented designs. In 1982 they introduced a unique line of brass push-to-connect (PTC) fittings. In 1999 they moved their corporate headquarters to Fremont, Ohio. In 2000 their valve offering quadrupled with the purchase of ISI Fluid Power.

Today, Alkon Corporation is a multinational manufacturer and global supplier of superior quality valves, fittings, and flow controls. Also, their main manufacturing facility, the Ohio plant, has grown from 7,000 to over 60,000 square feet. Their facility in Mexico produces forgings and performs primary machining on many parts.

Universal Power Conversion is proud to distribute Alkon Products to our customers.